Flingy - Blingy Back Road [Official Music Video HD]

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    Music video by Flingy performing Blingy Back Road.

    © 2019nn nAutobiographynnMy name is Danvil Heron I am 29 years old, I was born on the 2cnd of November 1988 i


    Music video by Flingy performing Blingy Back Road.

    © 2019nn nAutobiographynnMy name is Danvil Heron I am 29 years old, I was born on the 2cnd of November 1988 in Twitch Side, Alston, Clarendon, Jamaica.

    I attended the Baillieston Primary school, and then the Alston High school in the Parish.

    My parents were Claudette Nelson, and Curtis Heron.

    Both of my parents are deceased.

    My father died at the age of 53 in 2005, from a violent accident (ran over by a bus, and dragged for a distance, while riding his bicycle on the road), while my mom died tragically (chopped to death) at the age of 40 a year later in 2006, when I was 17 years old.nnI was left devastated by these tragic incidents, and even though I had always been doing music since I was 13yrs old; I really went deeper into music, as this was the only peaceful alternative to truly express my feelings.

    Along with my unwavering faith in God, Music gave me hope and inspiration, it made me feel alive and positive, it helped to maintain my sanity through all the rough times in my life.

    This remains true to this day.nnI started working with my Aunt on the farm shortly after the death of my mom, as she thought this would help to keep my mind off the traumatic experience I was facing.

    While working on the farm, I learnt to drive, and I was able to get my license as soon as I was 18 years of age.

    I started driving robot taxi afterwards, but it was extremely frustrating due to the challenges related to lack of income and stress related to hiding from the transport authorities.

    Therefore, with the help of my Uncle Waldy, I was able to get a job all the way in St.

    Thomas at Serge Island Farms in 2007.

    Where I started out as a dairy hand, where I milked cows two times per day, with the first session beginning at 3:00 AM.

    I continued in this position for 6 years, before I was able to change over to driving and operating tractors, which I have continued to do presently.nnOver the years I have done several songs, with my first recorded single being a collaboration with John Fireside entitled “Nah sleep lonely no more” voiced by cash flow Neil.

    I have been supported during my career by Fire Wayne (producer) who was a schoolmate of mine, and Rory Brown who built the rhythms I used in most of my composures.

    I am a versatile artist, who is comfortable doing both dancehall and cultural reggae, and I am a dynamic stage performer, who has always made a huge impact on stage shows.

    I originally chose the stage name “Fire Righteous”, but I was given the name “Flingy” by my fans and associates; due to the self-titled song “Flingy Gimmie Girl” I performed at the stage show hosted by Bushman in St.

    Thomas in 2009.

    Since then I have been known by that name, even at my workplace.nnOver the last couple of years, my motivation to do music has increased tremendously.

    I am determined to get a break, and to get the recognition I deserve.

    I have invested all that I have into my career, and I remain positive and hopeful that my time to excel is near.

    Currently my most popular single is a song produced by Fire Wayne, entitled “things in life”, also known in the streets as “Backroad”.

    I also have a cultural single titled “no more guns”, produced by Danger, on a beat made by Rory.nnI see myself as a motivation to other persons, who might be going through hardships and trials in life.

    I want people to know my story and use it as an inspiration.

    I want them to understand that turning to violence is not the answer, but instead that they should channel their energy into productive endeavors.

    My inspiration is music, it is my life, my everything.

    And I foresee myself doing impactful music for the near and distant future, or as long as God gives me breath.nnDon't forget to subcribe to Akam Entertainment and turn on notifications to stay updated with all new uploads!

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